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Aug 15 2011

My first post-institute post

My first post-institute post (I wrote this a while ago and promptly forgot about it, sorry y’all!).

I want to start by saying thank god that’s over.  I’m sure I can get a couple of amens.

I left in a blaze of glory.  I’m pretty sure I had bed bugs at the university we were staying at, considered I am covered in little bites.  I threw out all my bedding and had to put everything in paper bags to be cleaned because they could not enter the apartment I was staying at.  Unfortunately, an incredible storm started just as I left the building with my bags.  Many of my things were lost in the fray.  I was sobbing.  It was a pretty dramatic end to the shit show.

I have since been pretty much comatose, sleeping mostly to recover.  I was certainly lucky to have some time off before my school training (shout out to the troopers who are already in it).  I was surprised by how impressed I was by my masters program.

I feel like I’m out of the storm, but I know I’m only in the eye of it.  Pretty soon I will be starting my first year, which promises to be a longer, harder, more intense experience than even institute.  I need to find out how I can take better care of myself.  The one difference I want to make between institute and my first year is I need to have the basics of survival (food, sleep, water, all that) down so I can really focus on meeting higher level needs.

I will write more soon.  I’m at training for my school, which is a lot of snappy practicing Teach Like a Champion techniques.  Not riveting blog fodder.  But the first day of school is rapidly approaching….!

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