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That’s the transition to expect from Institute to the first weeks of school.  Seriously, unreal.  I feel that even with the insane hours of work and stress and no sleep this summer, I was still not prepared for the chaos of my first solo flight as a first grade teacher. I cry every day.  Sometimes…

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Aug 15 2011

My first post-institute post

My first post-institute post (I wrote this a while ago and promptly forgot about it, sorry y’all!). I want to start by saying thank god that’s over.  I’m sure I can get a couple of amens. I left in a blaze of glory.  I’m pretty sure I had bed bugs at the university we were…

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Jul 18 2011

When it starts to happen

How many friends did I scare away with that last post? Don’t get me wrong.  Teaching is hard.  Institute is harder.  But now that it’s week 3 of teaching I can share some good things. When I tested my littlest guy, a little bean who rarely speaks, he used one of the skills we practiced…

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Jul 11 2011

Teaching as a Tidal Wave

As you can tell by my lack of updates, teaching hit me like a tidal wave last week.  I think I’m only just recovering.  Today was a good day; my head finally broke water.  But all last week I was in a frantic tumble and I’m still not exactly sure why. My first instinct, to…

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Jun 29 2011

First Lesson Plan

I just finished my first Pre-K lesson plan.  Almost everyone at institute is going to think I’m a freak for blogging in the same night but I am following the advice of my CMA to not stay up all night working on it.  And a dear friend requested a blog update, so I gotta do…

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Jun 26 2011

Institute Begins

Institute started this evening.  I found out I will be teaching Pre-K this summer.  It’s getting real.  I’m so glad.  I just hope the students don’t pee on me! To be honest, Induction left me feeling a little shaky.  I don’t want to focus on the meta, the politics, the system.  I want, need to…

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Jun 21 2011

Induction, or One Love

A week after graduation and I was on a plane to New York.  Serendipitously it was an amazing flight: direct, nearly empty, my luggage was the first off.  An arduously long shuttle into the city gave me some new views of the city.  The next day I wandered to Brooklyn and looked at my (fingers…

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Jun 13 2011

Graduation, or What Kind of Fish Am I?

Yesterday I graduated from UC Davis.  These have been the best four years of my life.  Thank you to all my family and friends who made this the amazing experience it was. At UC Davis I’ve become a big fish in our small river.  I don’t go a day on campus without seeing someone I…

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May 22 2011


30 days until Institute. 28 days until I leave Cali for New York. 21 days until Commencement. 18 days until my last college final. 11 days until my last college class. WOW.  In that time I have about 5 papers due and three finals to take.  I also have to pack up my life, finish…

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May 09 2011

Coast-to-Coast Fierce Womyn Warrior

Hello blog readers! A couple of nights ago a good friend of mine begged me to keep a blog about my Teach for America experience.  So I decided to get the jump on it!  I swear, this is not a tactic to further procrastinate from finishing papers. So right now I am a undergraduate at…

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